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Why AndCo? because it's best to be...


We are your flexible ready-made team. We work with you in close collaboration.

We are AndCo. Be with us, be in good company.

Our ethos

AndCo is a focused, efficient and friendly alliance of cost-efficient lawyers. We don't have a black-and-white mindset. We seek out creative solutions that are tailored to your business's legal needs. We are experts at tempering risk management with our clients' business objectives. We have worked in-house for years and that is one of our many strenghts. We also offer additional services such as coaching and mentoring services to "in house legal teams", or even fully externalised General Counsel for those companies who don't yet have an international legal team.

We strive to make our clients' lives easier by providing the legal services they require in an environment that is very fast-paced while underlining all of our work with reliable turnaround times and great value. We are able to show good judgement where there may be no certainty. We provide legal advice where and when it is most needed. We know the issues and we know the industry which makes our advice practical and timely. Our primary goal is to make our clients' lives easier so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Our vision

Our vision is for AndCo to become the best "one stop shop" EMEA legal alliance tailored to specifically service digital and new technology companies. We can provide an easy way for anyone coming to the region to find legal advice in the fields of new media and technology.

We can do this for all of our clients saving them the trouble of having to go to several different law firms across different EMEA countries.

Our clients

Our combined knowledge and understanding of the EMEA region legal landscape allows us to work seamlessly with legal departments, General Counsels, Finance Directors, commercial, product and engineering teams within the technology sector.

We are as comfortable with our legal colleagues as we are with our business, finance and tech colleagues. We journey hand-in-hand with all of our clients; US technology companies in the Valley to fast-growing tech companies within the EMEA region to local companies exploring global expansion.