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Rooted in the technology sector, with extensive experience and expertise in creating bespoke creative solutions for all legal requirements, we thrive on the fast pace and ever changing challenges which walk hand in hand with innovation. We are passionate, honest & real. We are AndCo.

Contracts with
your users

For all your online and mobile contracts with your customers, in wording that we all understand.

  • Website and mobile terms of service
  • End user licence agreement
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Software Licence
  • Content Licence

Contracts with your commercial partners

For commercially savvy contracts with your business partners, making the contracting process efficient yet effective

  • Intellectual Property Agreements (excluding patents)
  • Supply of Services Agreement
  • Content Licence Agreement (Acquiring or Supplying)
  • Advertising Agreements: ad serving, ad exchanges, adnetworks, ad agencies, analytics, paid search / sponsored search
  • Marketing Services Agreement
  • Software Licence Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Other Commercial and Monetisation Agreements


We navigate through legal obstacles and changing laws, enabling you to achieve your goals. When you are launching a product across Europe, let us help you get it right from the start.

Practical advice that ensure compliance with:

  • Consumer regulations
  • Data protection
  • Advertising rules
  • Online child safety

Law Enforcement and Customer Care Support

With over a decade of inhouse experience, we provide practical insights and strategies.

  • Advice on law enforcement requests
  • Management of abuse processes
  • Handling customer relations

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We help you establish and maintain mandatory and self-regulatory policies and processes to monitor and ensure compliance with laws and ethical standards.

Training to promote understanding of and compliance with codes of ethics and relevant laws and regulations, including:

  • Business Codes of Conduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Employment regulations
  • Data Protection regime


We advise on all aspects of employment law, enabling clients to manage their employment law exposure and human resources policies<

  • General employment documentation (offer letters, employment contract, HR policies)
  • Human Resources advice and counselling
  • Discrimination, retaliation and harassment
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedure
  • Termination and Restructuring
  • Multi-jurisdictional
  • Union work
  • Employment Tribunal (UK costs here)

Secondments – Virtual and In-house

We are your experienced ready-made EU legal team, your one-stop shop for EU legal requirements. Flexible and resourceful, we can provide support that fits you.

  • Virtual EU team
  • Legal counsel
  • General counsel
  • Employment counsel

Consultancy Services

More than just lawyers, we journey with you, building, brain-storming, delivering results.

  • Legal Department Establishment, Design and Operation
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Project Leadership and Management including reduction in force, implementation of contracting processes and more
  • Business training on current legal issues
  • Talent Acquisition