Get to Terry's! to Terry's!

Get yourself to Terry’s, in one piece, & come join us on our next big adventure!

To play, simply pick a pilot from below. On desktop use the mouse to move, avoiding the obstacles in your path as you travel to Terry’s. On mobile, simply swipe for the same movements.

Friday October 21st, Hillsborrough, California

Simply pick your pilot below to begin

On mobile, the game plays a lot better if you flip your phone!

Play as Pierre!

Play as Pierre

Paris to San Francisco.
5,577 Miles

Play as Tatiana!

Play as Tatiana

Barcelona to San Francisco.
5,944 Miles

Play as Helge!

Play as Helge

Munich to San Francisco.
5,859 Miles

Play as Federica!

Play as Federica

Milan to San Francisco.
5,943 Miles

Play as Liyen!

Play as Liyen

London to San Francisco.
5,351 Miles

Play as Eve!

Play as Eve

Paris to San Francisco.
5,577 Miles